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Your medical and beauty care partner in Hungary.

Medical Treatments

More than 700 treatment solutions.

Our medical service for you

The most advanced, efficient and prompt service at affordable price.

medical SPA - Revitalise in Hungary

Budapest is the world's spa capital.

Tailor - Made Services packages

Individualised approach to ensure the best possible care and result.

Plastic and reconstructive surgery

Transforming through trust, quality, care and value.

Why us?

Our knowledgeable, English-speaking doctors and healthcare professionals are recognized worldwide for their advanced medical treatments and personalized services. Several of our doctors are GMC registered, with years of experience in the UK.

We guarantee competitive prices and immediate medical assistance at a reasonable waiting time.

Sightseeing capital of Europe, Budapest has so much more to offer than just medical treatments. Take advantage of its central location and close proximity to some of the best leisure activities found in and around the capital.

Our medical institutions are equipped with modern machines and devices. We offer more specialized, unique or hard-to-reach treatments. The hospitals we work with have different accreditation, such as ISO, JCI, etc.

Medicinal thermal waters found throughout Hungary allow for extra special spa treatments for patients and a fun atmosphere for the entire family.

Fully personalized medical services to meet each client’s individual requirements. Be directly in contact with us from start to finish.

Medical and Beauty

Our medical experts provide over 700 first-class treatments for patients who are fit to travel on a short flight. Some of these procedures range from beauty treatments and simple procedures all the way to complicated plastic surgery. All are tailored to suit the individual needs of each and every client.


Over the past hundreds of years, Budapest has been known as the “bathing capital of the world”, today its rejuvenating waters help many Topremedy patients with its waters for healing after surgery. We work hand in hand with all the bathhouses in Hungary, no matter where the client chooses to stay while healing. 
We have basic and complete spa packages.

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Specialized treatments

We offer some specialized, unique, or hard-to-reach treatments. From our partners offer, we present innovative, novel solutions and make the treatment of the given problem more convenient.

Other services

Due to our unique, health-conscious mindset, we place great emphasis on a healthy lifestyle. We offer our clients comprehensive preventive programs custom-made for each individual patient and budget. 

Our rehabilitation center uses innovative methods to help speed up recovery from surgeries and injuries, increase athletic performance, and avoid surgeries.

Besides medical and beauty treatments we can also arrange accommodation, transport, and leisure activities taking into consideration the treatments that have been carried out.

Travel with us to Budapest for a few days.
Get to know the historic city, choose from medical and cosmetic treatments, and visit a spa.
Get to know our full range of services.

Budapest 3-day sightseeing tour with optional treatments


Budapest 4-day sightseeing tour with optional treatments

Choose from our treatments, and diagnostic services and beautify, refresh and rejuvenate while exploring a wonderful historic city.





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